Farmers in Crisis

Pepin County Human Services, Health Department and WRDN (Brian Winnekins) have joined together to provide training for individuals that are in contact/have relationships with farmers.  As you may be aware, farmers have experienced financial crisis in the past several years and many rural farmers have even had to sell their generational farms.   This financial crisis has left some farmers in a state of mental health crisis not knowing where to turn for help.

The attached flyer provides information on a free training that is being held on Tuesday November 19, 2019 from 3-4:30 PM at the Pepin County Government Center in Durand and from 6-7:30 PM in Pepin at the Village Hall.  This training is meant to help individuals learn skills in speaking with farmers who are struggling with a mental health crisis.

Please consider registering/participating in one of the sessions and passing the information along to others who may benefit.  This training is intended to focus on the farming community but the skills can be used to assist anyone who is struggling with a mental health crisis.


Farmers in Crisis – Suicide Prevention Training