Cryptocurrency Scams

Cryptocurrency is the latest way that scammers are asking people to pay. And that’s important to know, watch for these top crypto-related scams: investment scams and impersonators.

Most crypto-related investment scams start with an unsolicited text, email, or message on social media (including dating sites and apps) with a promise: make lots of money with zero risk. But only if you buy or send crypto to the person contacting you (a scammer).

With impersonators, it’s all about gaining your trust — someone claiming to be from a well-known company, government agency, or someone on a trusted job website will contact you about a supposed problem with an account, benefits, or a job offer. But then they’ll ask for money and demand a crypto payment. These are all scams.

To steer clear of most crypto-related scams, know that:

  • Only scammers demand payment in cryptocurrency to pay for something in advance or to protect your money. That’s always a scam.
  • Only scammers will guarantee you’ll make lots of money or big returns. Don’t trust people who promise quick and easy money by helping you invest in the crypto markets.
  • Online dating and investment advice don’t mix. If a new keyboard Casanova wants to show you how to invest in crypto, or asks you to send them crypto, that’s a scam, too.

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