Factsheets on Monarch Butterfly Conservation Relevant to Farmers and General Public

Informational factsheets recently released by the Wisconsin Monarch Collaborative. This is a series of three new factsheets on monarch butterfly conservation relevant to farmers and general audiences.  A description of each new factsheet can be found below:

  1. Improving farm profits through conservation practices: This factsheet provides information to farmers about how to convert revenue-negative areas of farms into monarch habitat.  There can be financial incentives to make these changes on farms, so all parties can benefit.
  2. What’s the matter with monarchs? (And why do they matter?): This factsheet makes the case for monarchs, why they’re important, and why conservation efforts implemented now are so important (spoiler: when/if monarchs are listed as endangered, it’ll likely have a big impact on agriculture in the Midwest).
  3. Monarch Habitat: All it takes is sun, seeds, and elbow grease!: This factsheet covers the basics of planting for and creating monarch habitat.  While folks tend to think of milkweed (obviously important!), monarch butterflies need a wide range of nectar plants to fuel their migration in late summer. Diversity is key for monarch plantings!

The Wisconsin Monarch Collaborative has a number of other great resources available on their resources page, including many resources relevant to farmers.

-PJ Liesch; Extension Entomologist (pliesch@wisc.edu)