4-H Clubs

When can I join?

The 4-H year starts in September.  New members and re-enrolling members should complete their enrollment online at https://wi.4honline.com as soon as they have decided to become members of a club.  Projects can be added on this online program.


Who can join 4-H?

4-H grade is determined as of October 1st.  1st & 2nd graders enroll as Cloverbuds. 2nd graders may also sign up as regular members (but may not take a live animal to the fair per state regulations).  3rd graders enroll as Explorers or regular members.    Youth continue to be eligible for membership one (1) year beyond high school.  Graduation from 4-H may be following high school graduation -or- one (1) year after high school graduation.

Where can I join?

Look below for a listing of individual clubs and contacts in Pepin County.

What do I need to join?

There may be an annual individual club enrollment fee.  Contact your local club general leader for specifics.


Pepin County 4-H Club Leaders

Chippewa 4-H Club

Janice Quinton – 1109 Evergreen Ct, Pepin, WI 54759        (715) 442-4220

Nicki Moline – W9011 County Road I, Pepin, WI 54759        (715) 442-5371


Lima Lads & Lassies 4-H Club

Wendy Brantner –  W1830 Cty Rd T, Mondovi, WI 54755        (715) 672-5631


Waubeek Corners 4-H Club

Dave & Lori Klein –  N6168 S Kirk Road, Durand, WI 54736        (715) 672-4131

Val Cataract –  W6487 County Road P, Durand, WI 54736        (715) 495-6791



Contact Marie Ritscher for more information on 4-H Clubs in your area. Email: marie.ritscher@wisc.edu