4-H Programs

When can I join?

The 4-H year starts in September.  New and re-enrolling members should enroll online at https://wi.4honline.com as soon as they have decided to become members of a club. Enrollment is OPEN all year around. 4-H projects can be added on this online program also.

Who can join 4-H?

4-H grade is determined as of October 1st.  1st & 2nd graders enroll as Cloverbuds. 2nd graders may also sign up as regular members (but may not take a live animal to the fair per state regulations).  3rd graders enroll as Explorers or regular members.   Youth continue to be eligible for membership one (1) year beyond high school.  Graduation from 4-H may be following high school graduation -or- one (1) year after high school graduation.

Where can I join?

Enrollment is done through the local club.  Look below for a listing of individual clubs and contacts in Pepin County.  New and re-enrolling members should enroll online at https://wi.4honline.com as soon as they have decided to become members of a club.

What do I need to join?

Contact your local club general leader for specifics.  There may be an annual individual club enrollment fee.     For more information on how to join Pepin County 4H  see our brochure: Pepin County 4-H Brochure


American Spirit is a time for members to experience history & heritage by immersing in a 10-day bus journey to the East Coast and Canada. Time on the road will be filled with completing activities and learning about the sites while connecting with other youth. Usually planned for June through July. Grades 8-10. State Selection.

Art Beat is the introductory program for Wisconsin 4-H expressive arts and was created for 4-H members, their parents and leaders. The event offers a taste of several arts projects including music, visual arts, communication, and more! provides an opportunity for youth and their parents to experience different art forms in a camping environment at the Upham Woods in Baraboo, WI. Held over a weekend in March. Grades 3-5.  

Arts Camp provides youth an opportunity to explore different types of art including theater, music, visual arts, dance, and photography while making new friends, developing skills, and enjoying new experiences. Held at Upham Woods in Baraboo, WI over a weekend in November. Grades 6-8.

Citizenship Washington Focus is for members in 10-12 grades.  Delegates participate in seminars on citizenship, leadership, government, tour D.C. and meet with U.S. Congress and Senate.  This takes place for 10 days in the summer.  Delegates stay at the National 4-H Center, near D.C.  4-H Story needed for application.

National 4-H Congress includes a wide selection of self-development seminars, tours, and a service project while exchanging ideas with youth from across the country.  Delegates selected this fall will travel to Atlanta, Georgia, in November (during Thanksgiving vacation but not on Thanksgiving Day – allow a couple of days for travel).  Grades 10-12. State selection. 

National 4-H Conference in Washington D.C. will be held April (allow a couple of days for travel).  Participants will work in task-groups with other youth from across the country to develop plans around specific issues (education, promotion, environment, youth partnerships, etc.)  They will help direct future 4-H programming.  They will also spend a day meeting with legislators and touring.  Grades 10-12. State selection. 

Space Camp is a 3 day camp experience where you learn and experience a ton of different aspects about life as an astronaut, working at NASA, and exploring places beyond Earth! Held in Huntsville, AL in April. Grades 6-8. State selection.

Summer Academy is held on the UW-Madison Campus in June.  This new Positive Youth Development program will help you discover pathways to your future. Signup to learn what it takes to have a career, or a hobby in several SPARK areas including agriculture, STEM, service, leadership, arts, trades, and more. Grades 8-11.

WI 4-H International Programs are also available.  Wisconsin 4-H is committed to supporting international connections and learning as part of positive youth development.