Pesticide Applicator Training


Private Applicator – One who uses or directs the use of any pesticide on property owned or rented by that person or that person’s employer for the purpose of producing an agricultural commodity.

  • You must be certified to legally purchase, transport, mix and load, and apply “restricted use” pesticides.
  • You can be certified by attending a formal class or by self-study (and then passing the exam).  Call the UW-Extension office to schedule a self- study exam or for more informtaion on the class.
  • Minimum Evaluation Scores for Certification: Class Session – 50%; Self-study – 70%
  • Pepin County UW-Extension Agriculture Agent provides the training. WI Dept. of Agriculture issues the certification which is valid for five years.
  • Greenhouse and nursery operators take a different exam. Operators can receive certification as an applicator in the  Greenhouse & Nursery or Fruit Crops categories. Call the UW-Extension office for a card to complete and send to Madison for the manual.
  • Make $30.00 check payable to Pesticide Certification Training.


  • Contact Micheal Travis at the Pepin County UW-Extension Office at (715)672-5214