Pepin County 4-H Parent/Leaders Federation

Who are the members?
The Parent Leader Federation is made up of leaders, parents and other interested individuals who wish to make a difference in Pepin County 4-H.  Every Youth Protection certified adult 4-H leader enrolled in Pepin County 4-H is a member.  This organization also receives donations for 4-H educational programs, 4-H member educational trip support, and Pepin County Junior Fair support.

Why should you be involved in Leader’s Association?
The 4-H program in Pepin County can be anything you want it to be if you come, share your thoughts and get involved. When you are a registered leader, the Leaders’ Association provides you with resources for club meetings and 4-H mailings, and a voice in the 4-H Program.

What are 4-H Leader’s Association Meetings?
The Parent Leader Federation is an organization that provides the 4-H and Youth Development Agent with feedback on how they feel the 4-H program should be carried out in Pepin County.  Leaders’ Association meetings are the place where policies about 4-H in Peipn County are discussed.  Current initiatives in the 4-H program, leader opportunities and member opportunities are discussed at meetings.

The goals of the 4-H Leaders’ Association are to keep youth interested, encourage participating beyond the club level in county activities, events and programs, increase parental involvement, make the county fair educational and fun, promote positive self-esteem, and encourage active attendance at leaders’ meetings.  Leaders’ Association promotes the goals and objectives of UW-Extension 4-H Youth Programs.

2022-2023 Parent Leader Federation Officer Listing  ( 1 page, pdf)

Parent / Leader Federation Bylaws  ( 3 pages, pdf )

2023 Parent Leader Federation Scholarship Application (1 page, pdf)