Tractor Safety

2017 Tractor Safety Flyer  (1 page, pdf)



Who Should Attend:

  • Youth 14-15 years of age who need the federal certificate of training for employment on farms.  This is in accordance with the Child Labor Regulation.
  • Youth from age 12-16 who will be operating tractors or self-propelled farm machinery on public roads for their family

The Pepin County Tractor Safety Course will…

  • Provide youth from age 12-16 with the necessary requirements to be certified to work for their family under Wisconsin Act 455.
  • Meet the requirements for the U.S. Department of Labor Agricultural Hazards Occupation Order for youth 14-15 years of age employed on a farm other than their family farm.

 The 24 hour course includes:

  • Hands – on instruction for tractors and farm machinery operation
  • Hazard recognition and correction
  • General farm safety knowledge
  • How to approach farm safety with a positive attitude

To successfully complete the course, youth must:

  • Attend 24 hours of instruction
  • Pass both written and driving exams

Wisconsin Act 455 stipulates that the Tractor Safety Course must meet the federal tractor and machinery certification requirements.  Therefore, this course will be taught at a level for 14-15 years old youth.


  • The cost for the course is $30.00 and includes all materials and exam fee.


  • Contact Mike Travis at the Pepin County UW-Extension Office at (715)672-5214.